The budget development process begins in January with the Governor’s proposed budget. At that time, District goals and priorities are revised and established. In March, with the Second Interim Financial Report as a springboard, advisory groups and administrators review the budget and provide input. Budget updates are presented at subsequent Board meetings for further input and discussion by the Board and general public. The proposed budget is brought to the Board of Education in June for discussion and public hearing before being approved by the Board no later than June 30.

Each year the Board adopts a calendar for development of the budget for the subsequent fiscal year. The budget development calendar provides for all actions that must be taken to meet legal deadlines and those actions that need to be taken to prepare the Board for final adoption of the budget.

Budget Development/Financial Reporting/Calendar

For The 2015-16 & 2016-17 Budget
June 2015 Adoption of 2015-16 PAUSD Budget
July 2015 Governor Signs the 2015-16 State Budget
August 2015 Property Tax Projections from County of Santa Clara
September 2015 First Revision of 2015-16 PAUSD Budget
September 2015 2015-16 14th Day Enrollment Report
November 2015 State Election – Tax Initiatives
November 2015 County Controller-Treasurer Property Tax Projection Update
November 2015 First Interim PAUSD Financial Report
December 2015 PAUSD Enrollment Projections
January 2016 Release of Governor’s Recommended 2016-17 State Budget
February 2016 County Controller-Treasurer Property Tax Projection Update
February 2016 Second Interim PAUSD Financial Report
May 2016 State Budget Update
May 2016 Governor’s May Revise & Property Tax Projection Update
June 2016 Adoption of 2016-17 PAUSD Budget
June 2016 Governor Signs State Budget

The District welcomes input and suggestions into the process, which should be emailed to

Budget Book

2016-17 Budget Book